My Doctor Says I Need to Lose Weight

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Every time you go to the doctor you hear the same dreaded words, “You need to lose weight.”
You ask your doctor’s opinion on what he or she thinks is the best way to lose weight. The response is “eat less and exercise” or “join a diet program.”

Truth be told, the majority of doctors have had an hour of nutrition education in their medical training. They know the importance of weight loss, regarding your health, but most doctors don’t know or have the time to explain “how” you should lose weight.

Before the low carb movement started, both doctors and dietitians relied on the low fat hypothesis, lowering your calories, and increasing your exercise as guidelines. So, in hindsight, it’s not your fault you were led in the wrong direction. You may have lost some weight, only to gain back what you lost and more.

Each year billions of dollars are spent on diet programs. For example, there’s Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and the latest and greatest Optavia diet. You eat their foods, lose weight, but never learn how to eat real foods, or incorporate fasting methods, to optimize your hormones and maintain your weight. This is why you keep spending your money on diet after diet, and more diets.
Diet companies are in their glory as you help them achieve their yearly millions. Do you ever wonder why they keep calling you to join their weight loss program over and over again?

You need to ask yourself, “Can I eat this diet forever?” Unless you can honestly answer “yes,” you have not found the realistic solution to your weight loss and more importantly, your weight maintenance.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to experience working for a diet company. Fortunately, it did not last long. My current workplace already had a medical diet protocol in place when I was hired. On a positive note, it is a cousin to the ketogenic diet. On the negative side, it isn’t realistic long term. However, I am there to teach my patients how to maintain their weight with the same guidelines as The missing key!

Research is proving low carb intake and fasting methods are beneficial for keeping your hormone insulin levels low to help utilize your fat stores for energy. Eating a daily low carb intake, with regular foods, is what we all should be eating to be healthy. It’s time you learn the right way to train your body to become a fat burner without eating packaged diet foods. is a great and effective low carb weight loss and maintenance resource tool that all doctors can give to their patients. Under the “Resources” tab is a free printable flyer in PDF form. Of course you don’t have to wait to go to the doctor to get started on your journey. is available right now at your convenience, whether it’s weight loss or weight maintenance you are looking for. It is how we should all be eating for a lifetime of health and longevity…Save your money and sign up for today!

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