My Vision

In a recent Gallup poll, 1,037 people were surveyed and 70% of those respondents believe the US health care system has major issues. This news is not a surprise for many people who live in the U.S. We all need health care, but at what price are we willing to pay?

As obesity rates continue to climb at a fast pace, so do our health care costs. Why are the adult obesity rates currently exceeding 35% in the U.S.? In our society we are not given dietary guidelines that scientifically work. That is the problem.

Our current U.S. government guidelines emphasize filling your plate with mostly carbohydrates, moderate protein, and little fat. These guidelines are upside down, reverse, backwards and scientifically wrong.

Finally, scientific researchers, physicians and others are being heard. Their research is conclusive regarding the effects of a low carbohydrate diet, lowering your insulin levels and hunger hormones. You will be able to continue eating high nutritive foods to help meet your nutritional needs. Also, you will be educated on what fats are considered to be healthy for your heart and brain. If we all want to be healthier, we have to change our mindset that fat is bad.

This is why I am so passionate about Carb Medic RD.  The way our body utilizes carbohydrates, proteins, and fat will never change.  It’s not only what you eat, it’s how many times you eat, sleep needs, as well as minimizing your stress levels.  Carb Medic RD encompasses your whole self, not only what you eat.

My vision for is to reach as many individuals through the internet to correctly educate and guide them on low carb weight loss. Also, for physicians and other medical professionals to use my website as a resource tool for their patients. I encourage health insurance companies, corporations, and others to use my resource as part of their wellness incentives.

Together we can make a positive change. Increasing our health and well-being, by decreasing obesity rates, will result in reduced health care costs and life longevity. Please join in my mission to help reduce obesity, disease, and mortality in the US and around the world.

My vision is for all of you to eat the way our bodies are genetically made. Also, to continue this way of eating for the rest of your life without having to track your food intake. can help you make these changes for good, by changing your hormones. Resulting in a natural, inborn way for you to want to eat. I would love for you all to be part of my journey to deliver the truth in nutrition to your family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for visiting my website!


Nicole Scheafbauer R.D., L.D.
Nicole Scheafbauer Vision | CarbMedicRD