Selling Your Health to the Food Devil

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One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with food is because of societal pressures. You have an angel on one shoulder telling you, “You are not hungry. It’s not good for you.  Just skip it.” On the other shoulder, the devil pressuring you, “Eat it anyway. Everyone else wants you to eat it. Don’t be a downer.” Most of you will cave and give into the food devil. You don’t want to feel left out, have others ask you why you are not eating, and you definitely do not want to say the dreaded words, “I’m on a diet.”  You want to be social and belong, but at what expense? We are getting heavier, as a nation, and societal pressures regarding food is a big reason why…

Your work life…Food is a constant struggle for you. You may work in an environment where there is constant food around you because it’s “Alice’s birthday,” and then “Mary’s birthday” two days later, and then it’s “Teacher Appreciation Day” two days after that, and so on. In another words, it’s the never-ending celebrations to give an excuse for everyone to bring food to work. If you don’t want to participate you feel like a loser or a big jerk. How about the hospital or medical offices where corporate reps are constantly bringing in lunch for “lunch and learns?” You sure don’t want to pass up a free meal. What about the job where you are expected to go out to lunch everyday with your boss or coworkers? How about the job where you are the entertainer and you have to constantly take others out for lunch and dinners? Not to mention after dinner drinks anyone?

Your social life…Food is a constant struggle for you. You are out with your friends, partner, spouse “living it up!” You order an appetizer because your friend wants to, then a meal and a few drinks. You are with your spouse who wants you to share a molten chocolate lava cake. You say, “No, I’m stuffed,” he orders it anyway. By the time he goes for his first bite, most of the cake is devoured, by you. Life is one birthday, anniversary, wedding party after the next. You want to have fun but why does everything you do relate to food? And why do you feel so pressured into eating foods you really don’t want to?

Your family life…Food is a constant struggle for you. Grandma constantly bakes cakes, cookies, pies not to mention her famous potato salad. Even though you find her hair in what she makes and you are not hungry, you can’t say no, you can’t break Grandma’s heart. Your mother-in-law has you over for a nice dinner, knowing you are “watching your carb intake.” She makes steak, mashed potatoes, corn and a nice salad. You choose the steak and salad and she asks, “Are you going to have some corn and mashed potatoes?” Seriously?

Take control and start saying, “Guess what I didn’t eat today?”  Be proud of what foods you say “no thanks” to and shout it out to the world!

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