Stop the Madness and Stop Being Polite!

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Okay you, it is time to quit thinking about pleasing everyone else and start thinking about yourself. Many people are manipulative and not in control themselves. The last thing they want to see is YOU IN CONTROL of yourself. So, why do you keep falling for their prey? What does it do for you besides leaving you feeling terrible, regretting what you ate, and continuing to feel out-of-control?

When it comes to your health, YOU HAVE to put your interests above others. Why is weight loss such a “sensitive topic?” It’s sensitive because frankly, you don’t get much support when you are trying to look out for yourself and your health. Another reason may be you haven’t found the key to weight maintenance by optimizing your hormones, and you continue to yo-yo diet. When you are in control, others may project their insecurities upon you, saying something hurtful and unsupportive. You have to just keep thinking in your head that you are doing what is right for your health and that is all that matters. Do not let others dictate your life!

Stop the madness and stop being polite when it comes to your health. The best feeling is being in control of your own choices. It is empowering and liberating. Set a good example for others to follow. And for all of you who are still feeling out of control…optimize your hormones with today! This website will help you gain back your control and teach you how to live a low carb lifestyle for good!  The saying is “If you can’t beat em’, join em’.” Start supporting yourself and others! Join the low carb movement today and spread the word!

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