What’s the Missing Link to Weight Maintenance Beyond Dieting and Keto?

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When you reach your goal weight…then what?

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Many different diets offer prepackaged food products, making it easy to lose weight because you don’t have to “think about” or “prepare” real food. You also seek out a health coach or some type of accountability plan. Most of these methods of weight loss will help you reach your goal weight…then what?

A ketogenic diet uses real food and is a great therapeutic tool to reverse many diseases. However, it may be difficult to stay on a ketogenic diet forever. Eventually you will burn out on the diet itself…then what?

Following diets may get you to your desired weight. Non-the-less, the problem remains…you have no idea how to maintain your weight. How do you eat real food and how often should you eat?  Most diets say they have a weight maintenance plan. Do they implement it?  Does it really work? Are you so exhausted of the diet that you have no more commitment within you to maintain?

Most of you are so burnt out, you skip over the so called “weight maintenance” phase. So, you go back to eating whatever, whenever. This is where the diet roller coaster starts. Will it ever end?

CarbMedicRD.com is the link you have been missing beyond dieting, to help you maintain your weight for life.

CarbMedicRD.com teaches you how to choose low carb foods based on your individual needs, fasting methods that work for you, the importance of sleep & stress reduction, and much more.  CarbMedicRD.com is practical and doable.  The website plan is low carb but not restrictive, where you can still enjoy your life.

CarbMedicRD.com optimizes your hormones to train your body, alleviating your constant hunger. You become in control of food instead of food being in control of you. The main goal is for you to choose low carb foods and/or fasting methods that will maintain your goal weight without having to track your foods.  My patients tell me they never want to go back to eating excess carbs ever again!  Give yourself the time and patience to feel the difference.  It’s so worth it!

Whether your goal is to lose or maintain weight, CarbMedicRD.com is the practical solution for you!

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