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The other day I was listening to Simon Sinek on YouTube talk about your “why” when it comes to your business. Every business should have a “why.” He also went on to say that you need to be true and authentic with your business. By the way, Simon Sinek is amazing and extremely inspirational. If you find you are in a dead-end job or can’t take the corporate world anymore…he’s the go to man.

What is my “why” with CarbMedicRD.com? It really isn’t that hard to come up with my “why.” So, here it is…
I want to share with you what I have been able to share with my patients who have gained control of their lives, starting with their health. Honestly, if you don’t have your health, what do you have?

I want you to be healthy. I want you to feel good. I want you to have energy. I want you to be in control. I want you to learn how to maintain your healthy weight. I want you to love yourself.

I made CarbMedicRD.com accessible and very affordable so I am able to reach and educate as many of you who are willing to commit to your health for the long haul. What we have been doing for the past decade or so has not worked, it’s not your fault, and I am partly to blame. Cutting calories, eating frequent small meals and exercising like crazy doesn’t work. And that’s exactly what I used to preach.

Another part of my “why” is, I have joined the low carb movement, as an individual and as a professional.  I see the amazing results with myself and my patients. Now that we know, low carb and fasting methods scientifically work for weight loss and maintenance, I want to shout it out to the world.  Seeing you get healthy and stay healthy is my passion!

I want all of you to join the low carb movement. I want you to incentivize others. I want you to support one another. I want you to stop being jealous of those who are already in control. I want you to make the commitment to be in control of your life, for the rest of your life. CarbMedicRD.com teaches you how.
It’s about training your body by optimizing your hormones. Where you are in control of food instead of food being in control of you.
And my big ending “why” is….

I want YOU TO BE IN CONTROL and I know you do too.  Everyone deserves to be healthy!

With love and support,

Nicole Scheafbauer, RD,LD, and founder of CarbMedicRD.com


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